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H&R Bookkeeping has a new name!


Nothing has changed but the name. We are still offering the same great bookkeeping services you've always received.


  1. Constant Google search competition with H&R Block.

  2. We are not associated with H&R Block.

  3. We will be adding more services other than bookkeeping.

  4. Plus we just really like Sage Solutions.

We didn't realize when we named our business H&R Bookkeeping just how difficult it would be to get our name on the first page of Google. Did you know H&R Block has the first 4 pages of Google? Well neither did we. We've had to pay several hundred dollars monthly to a third party company to help us get our name on the first page of Google. This was no way to sustain a new business. We knew we couldn't keep traveling down this road and we just couldn't continue to compete with H&R Block at the price we were paying.

Many people thought we were associated with H&R Block. We are in no way associated with them. The reason our business name has been H&R has to do with the first letter of our last names. We thought it was a great idea at first. Another lesson learned.

So not only were we competing with H&R Block but we discovered in our first year of business that we would like to offer more services other than bookkeeping. When creating our yearly goals and working with so many great clients, we discovered that many businesses don't just need bookkeeping but other business and cash flow related services that we knew we could offer. So we wanted to move away from just the bookkeeping name. So that is why you don't see "Bookkeeping" in our title. But don't worry, we will always provide great bookkeeping services. That is not going anywhere.

Coming up with a new name was not as easy at it sounds. It actually took weeks. Then it took a couple more months to have the logo designed by a local professional. (Thank you, Hadley Binion with Hadley Binion Designs for our wonderful new logo and rebranding designs. You will see more of her work on our new website.)


Elizabeth came across the word sage and it sparked her interest so she looked up the definition. Merriam-Webster had this to say about Sage: "wise through reflection and experience, proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment, sage advice." Doesn't that sound perfect? We thought so.

Wanna hear something funny? Well Elizabeth being the researcher she is also looked up the definition on Urban Dictionary. Here's what they had to say about it...

"A girl with usually boring features, Brown hair and brown eyes, but is still absolutely gorgeous. She tends to compare herself to others even though people around her think she's perfect. Sage is usually a shy, sweet, and amazing on the inside, but she doesn't know how to fit in well so she's loud and funny. Sage would like to be friends with everyone but no one really can be friends with everyone, right? Sage would help anyone up even if they're an enemy. If anyone falls down she helps them up, Even if it doesn't seem like it. Sage is probably struggling with issues in her life but when it comes to school she can always get an A. She probably wants to be the best thing thats ever happened to everyone but if someone tells her that, she'll think it's a lie. Sage usually can tell a person's personality by their look. If anything bad happens to her she thinks it's her fault even if it's not. Sage is the best friend or girlfriend anyone will ever have."

After reading the description and laughing so hard at it, we knew we had to use it. It fit the both of us pretty closely. Especially the brown hair and brown eyes which we both have. So thanks Urban Dictionary for helping us "seal the deal" on finding our "true to us" business name.


Glad you asked. DeeDee is super excited about this one. As of last week, She has been accepted into the Profit First Certification Program. So, in a few short weeks, DeeDee will officially be a certified Profit First Professional. There will be another blog post coming soon concerning this new service.

The other new services will be revealed at a later date. Believe me, you will not want to miss this announcement.

Last but not least, Sage Solutions Inc. will have a new website which is currently under construction. We will let you all know when it's complete and send you in that direction.

Signing Off

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